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Click here to see about you and your employerThe "Which?" Guide to an Active Retirement
Jane Vass (Editor)


What does the idea of retirement mean to you? Trying to live on too little money? failing health? boredom? loneliness? loss of identity? Or does it spell hopes for a time when, free from the pressures of paid employment, you can develop new skills or indulge life-long dreams, broaden your outlook, and see people and places you had too little time for when you were working. In "The Which? Guide to an Active Retirement", "Which?" expertise is brought to bear on all the issues that affect everyone approaching or embarking on retirement, including: taking stock and redefining the priorities in your life; maximizing your income from pensions and other sources; keeping your tax liability to an absolute minimum; working after formal retirement, whether in a new job, setting up a business or joining the voluntary sector; and making tax-efficient arrangements for passing on your money. Also included is a chapter on making provision for long-term care, as well as a Good Health Guide, with sections on healthy eating, exercise and common health problems. A substantial address section will help you follow up the many leads suggested in the "Guide".


Click here to see about you and your employer"Sunday Times" Personal Finance Guide to Your Retirement Diana Wright


This guide to pensions for those approaching retirement addresses questions such as: How much your pension will be? How to trace pensions from previous employers? Whether you should take the lump sum from your pension scheme? What sort of annuity you should buy and what difference a good choice would make? How to rebalance your investment portfolio to suit life after work? Where to find good financial advice? What sort of insurance you need?


Click here to see about you and your employerGet a Life : You Don't Need a Million to Retire Well
Ralph Warner, Ralph E. Warner

The financial service industry would lead you to believe that in order to avoid financial destitution in old age, you need to put aside a huge amount of money that you should have begun saving years ago. Not true says Warner. Although a sensible savings plan is advisable, there are a number of other things you can do in mid-life that will be more important in determining whether you enjoy your retirement years.
The real keys to a fulfilling retirement are maintaining good health, lots of friends, a close family and varied interests and activities. Get a Life shows you how to beat the anxiety surrounding retirement and develop a plan that will ensure that the years after 65 will really be the best years of your life by:
working in mid-life to protect your health, develop interests and activities, and cultivate close relationships with friends and family • realistically calculating how much money you will need and how to secure it.


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