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Is this a good time to retrain. Do you have a course in mind? If so, discuss it with the people around you. Consider the relevance of your chosen course to vacancies in your area. You may also need to consider that employers may take on someone with a track record over someone with qualifications.


  • Be aware some companies who are offering training may not present you with a nationally recognised qualification at the end of the course and it may cost  you a lot of money

  • Check out what courses are being run by the local colleges as these may be at a reduced rate.

  • Employers will sometimes only employ people with experience or relevant qualifications

There are a number of ways in which retraining can benefit people in a redundancy situation.

Preparation for re-employment

  • Convert an amateur skill into a professional one

  • Develop personal skills, for example, negotiation or assertiveness

  • Retraining in a new skill, maybe something which is complimentary to skills you already have

  • Develop an under used talent

  • Extend a limited skill

  • Update an outdated skill

Preparation for self-employment

  • Decide if you are suited to freelance or contract work.

  • Decide if you are suited to self-employment.

  • Learn a skill which you can use to provide services or goods.

  • Talk to local agencies or people you know who are freelance or do contract work and ask them what the benefits and pitfalls are.

  • Click here for Business Link support information - a support for start up business information. Business Link run business start up training all over the country which is free.

  • The Business link also has a grants and support directory which will allow you to search for sources of help with your new business. These grants can be local or national and can be a real boost to getting off the ground.

Preparation for Retirement

  • Turn a hobby into part-time employment.

  • Learn how to cope with not having a job to go to everyday.

  • Develop an interest into a rewarding hobby.

  • Find out about living in a different area.

  • Consider using your skills for voluntary work.

  • Learn about travel destinations.

  • Develop an active hobby that will keep you fit.

  • Consider learning or developing skills that encourage social contact.

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