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Change of career

With today's pace of change you should not expect to spend your entire working life doing the same job for the same employer. Redundancy gives a fresh opportunity to look at what career you want. Given how important work is, it is confusing why so many people take the first job offer that comes along without really considering whether it is right for them.

Take the time to find out what career choices are open to you and choose one you want rather than jumping at the first one offered. Your ideal job could be out there waiting for you, but it might mean that it takes some effort on your part to go out and find it. You might like to use a career coach to help you decide as they can help with personality and assessment tests which help you find where your strengths and weaknesses lie. You may find out you are just not be cut out to be the next kite surfing champion however much it appeals to you!

Motivation can be really hard when you have initially been made redundant but the most important thing to remember is that it is not a personal thing, your job was made redundant not you.

Making some decisions about what you expect from your new job and what sacrifices you are prepared to make will help you come to a conclusion about the type of career change you are looking at for instance:

  • Are you prepared to relocate? – do you have a family that this would impact on. Is this something that realistically can be done?

  • Are you a leader or a follower? Extrovert or introvert, You need to be brutally honest with yourself?

  • Are you a risk taker, are you prepared to make big decisions? Are you organised, do you have job commitment, have you the necessary communications skills?

  • Are you good at problem solving, or do your skills relate to data research and analysis?

  • Are you prepared to take what might appear to be a retrograde step and possible pay cut to learn a new trade which you can then use to be able to move up the career ladder again.

  • Consider what hours you want to work – night shifts? Flexi time, Long days or 9-5

  • Do you need to have the necessary vehicle for the potential job you are looking for or will one be provided? And can you afford it?

  • Do you have the necessary qualifications for the job you really want to do?  Languages, IT skills, Will the job give you the necessary training check it out before you dismiss the option

  • Do you have a transferable skill? That is something that you can take with you to your next job look at your skills, are you a motivator, can you lead a team, and are you good at teaching people skills? Or are you a technical person working with machinery, engineering, construction.

  • Networking doesn’t suite everybody but it is a really good way of increasing your chances of attaining your net job.

  • Collect business cards from people and stay in contact they might not have anything for you right now but if you are the one who keeps in contact your name will be the one they will remember.

  • Are you concerned your age may go against you? This is a common problem but not if you turn it to your advantage you need to see yourself as experienced, a veteran of life with valuable information which you can pass on. You’ve been there and done it all before and that it a very useful commodity to a new employer.

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