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A face to face interview, or even worse a telephone interview, are difficult tasks and like all difficult tasks it rewards preparation. Every interview you do is a learning opportunity which increases your chances of getting the job you really want.

What does the interviewer need to know?
What are the questions you need answered?

The basic job interview rules include:
  • Do prepare before hand - it makes a big difference.

  • Do have an opinion - avoid answering yes or no all the time.

  • Do look good - appearance does matter.

  • Do turn up on time.

  • Do not talk for ages - 2 minutes is good.

  • Do not raise the topic of money.

  • Do ask a couple of good questions at the end.

The interviewer needs to establish the answers to the following key questions:

  • Why are you applying to this company and not someone else?

  • What can you do for me?

  • How well will we work together?

  • Why you and not someone else?

  • How much will you cost me?

The key questions you really need to answer for yourself are:

  • What job am I really being offered here?

  • Do I have the skills to do this job?

  • Can I get on with these people?

  • What makes me different from others who could do this job?
  • Does this job pay me enough?

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