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Management - Redundancy: Is it Avoidable?

In an ideal world:

  • We could forecast the exact future

  • Human resource planning would be an exact science

  • Employment flexibility would meet all company requirements

In the real world:

  • External events may force workforce reductions in order to maintain the company's future viability

  • The pace of change, both internal and external, means that jobs will no longer be required

What employers can do is:

  • Ensure their company takes all possible steps to avoid redundancies

  • Have employment strategies enabling their organisations to address short-term labour fluctuations effectively

  • Maximise alternative opportunities for utilising the skills of their workforce

  • Comply with statutory requirements

  • Minimise the traumatic impact on those who lose their jobs

  • Support the 'survivors'

  • Ensure communication strategies are in place, ensure everyone has the correct information

Redundancy should always be viewed as a last resort. Redundancies are always bad news and traumatic for the company and its employees. Redundancies are likely to have an adverse impact on company culture, morale, employee trust and productivity which may take years to recover from. Careful and considerate handling of both redundant employees and those who remain can mitigate the effects.

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