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Where Am I -   Form Completion

Completion of forms

  • Notification of the Department of Trade and Industry - form HR1
  • Application to an Industrial Tribunal - form #ET1ET1
  • Claims for unpaid redundancy settlements - form#RP1RP1

Notification by the employer of the Department of Trade and Industry of proposed redundancies


This form can be obtained from any redundancy payments office or local jobcentre.
The information that must be supplied by the employer includes, reason for and number of redundancies contemplated, type of employee, selection criteria, payment calculations and consultation details.
The completed form should be returned to the office indicated on the form and a formal acknowledgement will be sent to the employer. Any significant developments subsequently must also be passed on to the DTI.

Alternatively the employer can notify the DTI by letter.

The employer must also give a copy of the above to the employees' representatives involved in the consultation process.

The Department of Trade and Industry publish a booklet PL833, Redundancy consultation and notifiation.

Application to a tribunal, ET1

An employee who feels that he or she has a valid complaint to make to an employment Tribunal, should first attempt to resolve the problem internally, through the company's own appeals procedure perhaps. The Tribunal may be more sympathetic if they can see that attempts have been made to resolve the issue beforehand. The employer and employee should also involve ACAS, the Advisory, Conciliation and Arbitration Service before moving to a Tribunal.

The application should be made within three months of the employee's termination of employment date and made on form ET1which can be filled in online at the Employment Tribunal web site:

web site:

For a fuller explanation of your options click here.

Claims by employees for unpaid redundancy settlements,

Claims by employees for unpaid redundancy settlements should be made on form RP1 to the Department of Trade and Industry.
Forms can be obtained from the DTI publications orderline:

Admail 528,
Telephone: 08457 47 47 47

The form is usually returned to the redundancy payments office stated on the form.

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